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Beauty and the Thug – Version 0.3.5b [Ze-gam-eZ]

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Info: Heroine moves to the big city, having a great plan for how to reach success. She studies for college, increases her different skills, learns her body, develops her sexuality, and discovers her fetishes. She would spend the whole summer studying English, math, science, and her kinks, but life makes some corrections. By the end of this summer, her life will turn into hell, or she will become the happiest girl in the world. Everything depends on your choices.

Date: 31.03.2024
Language: English, German, Italian, Portuguese
Version: 0.3.5b
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Fixed a bug where you can’t make Amy stay in certain situations
Added a screen with Beach Ball statistics that you can see after each game set
Added two cheat codes bb+ and bb- .They add +20 / remove -20 skill points from all the girls
If you have already seen all four punishments and Queen Fetish Mode is on, you can pick up a punishment
Fixed some other minor bugs
Detailed changelog with teasers is here.
Added one more game day
Started Amy’s route
Added some home routine with Amy
Added the third visit to the doctor
Added jogging with Amy
Added next day morning scene with Amy
Added some beach routine with Amy
Added Beach Ball play with Amy (play teaser you can watch here)
Added 13 punishments for losers (4 x 3 for girls, 1 for guys)
Added one more background melody
Added 5 new gallery entries
Added 10 new hints
Interface update – Added the ability to name your saves or delete unused ones. You can activate or deactivate it in the Preferences
Fixed numerous typos
Added more than 2000 new renders and 1250 animations (1140 beach ball and 110 other lewd animations)

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

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