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Legal Terms

I. Copyright
The majority of the content featured on Fetish-Games is provided by and published per request of the developers, artists, studios, authors, publishers and individuals (from now on “developer/s”) that develop, make, produce, publish, distribute and hold the copyright to the said content.
The developers remain the sole copyright holders of their content after its publication on Fetish-Games.
Fetish-Games does not own any of the featured content if not stated otherwise and will not gain any ownership of a featured item after its publication on the website.
The developers, which work is featured on Fetish-Games, can request for their content to be altered or removed at any given time.
The developers receive all proper credit for their work within the game/comics pages, articles and publications.
The developers choose what content and how to be presented within the public webpages that feature their content.
Fetish-Games shall not be considered a distributor nor a seller at any given time or stage of any kind of relation with the developers or any other individual, group of individuals or legal entity.
All other content, whether user generated or published at Fetish-Games’s sole decision, should be considered fair use given the general purpose and journalistic nature of all publicly available articles and publications and the resources presented within them.
In no event shall Fetish-Games and the associated individuals be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tort, arising out of or in connection with the featured content.

II. Abuse
As stated above we do not own any of the featured items and thus cannot control its contents. Тherefore Fetish-Games and the associated individuals are not responsible for the contents of the featured items.
Any abusive content that include real acts of violence, sexual harassment, hate speech, child abuse, non-consensual intercource, self-harm or suicide and feature real people shall be removed without prior notice at the moment of acknowledgment of its presence.
Any other content that feature artistic representations of the said abusive cases will be strictly analized by our content moderators after we are made aware of its existence on the website.

IV. Takedown requests
We acknowledge and comply with all valid takedown request.
If you wish to report an abusive material present on the website, please do so using the “DMCA Option” option on right side of the game (post).
If you wish to submit a DMCA/copyright takedown request, you can do so by using the “DMCA”.
All reports and requests will be investigated within 7 business days from their submission.

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