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NTR Bunnies RPG – Version 0.5.1 [Hyanmaru Games]

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Info: NTR game about the male character, who has a cuckold fantasy, getting transported into an isekai world as a pink-haired bunny boy. The goal of the game is to return home with the player’s girlfriend.​

Date: 20.09.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.5.1
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– Fixed the evil bug that fucked up Sunny’s corruption at the church service
– Fixed a couple of bugged Harpies
– Fixed a bug on the married dog quest
– Quest “Computer Hint” is done
– now Witch Kirke has a proper sprite!
– you can now bring your party in the secret dungeon under the church
– added cutscene that will lead to the secret final boss (boss not included)
– added 5 chastity cage scene with Kiba,found in house 1 in the village (Of course you need to be caged)
There’s also 1 scene with Angus but it’s work in progress
– added more chests hidden in the village and other starting places, so player can get a full low quality set with knives and have an easier start
– new scenes with Stella. Locations are at the end of the changelog. You can unlock her after Sunny will accept to share Tommy, talking with Stella at the bar (basically the pussy licking scene)
– Fixed a little graphic bug on the heart baloons also now Stella has her own heart baloons (yellow ones)
– raised Chastity cage cost to 1000, so new players won’t spend all their money on that and struggle with the rest of the game
– added strap-on in the market, this will lead Stella to assault you once in a while while you’re explore the dungeons if you equip her the strap on. In future (next release?) Angus will give you this instead. (this will only work if you select “cuckold>Tommy” when you talk to her in the bar)
^^^ Let me know if this is fine. The chance might be too low to actually happen, so lemme know if I should set higher chances to meet this event
– After the previous event, you will able to ask Stella to peg you as skill
– added LIFE BARS to the enemies. This is not optimized yet so most of the monsters will be covered by bars
– fixed a bug where you could see an Angus scene even if you didn’t have Angus in party
– fixed a bug where you can see a gay scene even if you choose straight
– Fixed a bug where in church work where Sunny didn’t lose all the cum on her even if you cleaned her
– fixed a bug where Strong nectar isn’t consumed when used to enter the dungeon
– fixed a bug where Sunny blowjing Tommy ended up with cumming on her hand instead of mouth
– Goblins now are weak to heavy slash, plants now are weak to light slash
– some weapons now grants skill if you equip them
– fixed the dude in the weapon shop that will receive a blowjob from Sunny BEFORE her unlocking the blowjob with kiba
– Kiba will now learn “Recover Sunny’s MP” AFTER unlocking blowjob scenes
– Raised “White gold” sell price to 2500
– Stella scenes Locations:
double blowjob: Forest Dungeon 2. Stella will learn a powerful skill “Double blowjob”. Stella will be disappointed if you’re caged and refuses to give you a bj
forced anal: fire dungeon 1, actually gives a little bonus to Tommy’s stats
facesitting: Air Dungeon 1
anal: Water Dungeon 1
thighs sniffing: fire dungeon 1 (at the end of the corridor on the right)
stella riding you: water dungeon -3 (near the lever)
Stella deepthroating you with strap on: one of the nomad tent (you need to equip her the strap-on)

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

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