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Our Bright Days – Version 0.1.3 [keyclap]

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Info: 3DCG Visual Novel about a small family that moved to a new city.
Become a part of a new life with new friends!​

Date: 15.07.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.1.3
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

• Dialogues: +1100
• Renders: +996
• Animations: +27
• Fruits: +3
• The English version was proofreaded.
• A ton of work has been done on the 3D models, Daz and scripts (talked about it on Boosty/Patreon)
• WebM Audio Designer (instead of embedding audio I decided to write a script that plays random sounds)
• Volume, pan and muting change depending on the distance from the music source (3D audio!)
• A helping star that flies toward the fruits, so you don’t miss them while reading dialogues.
• An ultimate notification manager that shows multiple notifications at once (notes, new friend requests, new messages, character info updates, money change, etc. Really cool shit…)
• The choice menu has been updated and now can be controlled with more buttons! Check the “Help” menu.
• The “Collection” menu now contains “Gallery” and “Replays” tabs.
• Discord Integration (broadcast status to your Discord profile)
• Realtime text translator (alpha)
• TinyTag library by Tom Wallroth is now used to get length of mp3 files (because Ren’Py can’t read mp3 properly)
• Ren’Py Sync is now a thing! Transfer save files across your devices.
• Garlands with photocards in the Mariya’s room.
• Some old scenes were reworked.
• Save page 20 is now reserved for backups.
• News and Discord images are now cached in byte-like objects, removing the necessity to work with folders or request permissions on Android.
• The plot has been rethought.
• Each character has also been revised so now they act more natural.
• Reworked the whole smartphone appearance and created icons for BonBond and BBMusic (BB is now a freaking local brand!)
• The ability to respond to comments on your page.
• The smartphone can use your Discord profile picture as a profile picture for BonBond.
• There’re no more icons that show the current time of day. Instead there’s a digital time.
• A nicer and more optimized interface.
• A better blur logic for the “~ game scene ~” theme.
• A nicer and smoother text shadow.
• Also, a lot of work has been done to improve the Ren’Py engine, hehe.
• Fixed gestures for mini-games and some other screens.
• Other small adjustments…

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

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