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Bitch Land – Build 5 [Breakfast5]

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Info: Bitch Land is a 3D/Sandbox/FPS/Strategy/Sex/Builder/Exploration game
In a post-apocalyptic world, you start in the BitchLand city that your parents built.
And now it’s your time to venture into the Open World wilderness and build your own cities, drive tanks/cars, get resources, invade visit settlements and capture acquire new people for you.
But first you must complete some missions in the starting city, which serve has the tutorial
(At the moment such Open World isn’t done yet, there’s only the Starting City for now)​.

Date: 01.05.2024
Language: English
Version: Build 5
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

(01/05/2024) Build 5 –
-Added partial placeholder voice lines to NPC’s
(27/04/2024) Build 5.b –
-Added Press F8 to unstuck the player
-Fixed, the player can no longer shoot themselves in the foot/ankle
-Fixed, weapons no longer shoot while a container menu is open
(23/04/2024) Build 5.a –
-Searchable trash piles (gives Edible food, DIW dildos, Clothing)
-NPC reaction to player clothing (naked = forced sex, casual = nothing, sexy = more self prostitution %)
-Added 2 new sections to the city, sewers and new area at the far left (both unpopulated atm)
-Added nurse to the clinic (that can unpregnate you, in mysterious ways)
-Added more map decoration and statues (with little main-plot hints)
-A fuckton on new hairs (30+)
-Small things to make the game feel less empty and silent (background noises, footsteps, music when in combat)
-A bunch more of other things i forgor, that’ll be completed in next builds, such as buying a house or room
-A lot of progress in the new male model. But it’s still disabled because it’s missing ONE thing that’s gonna take some time.
-1st army mission
-A lot of progress in the 2nd army mission. But it’s disabled because I didn’t finished it yet
-Added new dildos (4 plastic bottles, 3 glass bottles, spray can, pipe, cardboard, cardboard inside a condom, tin can, condom filled with pebbles/trash/spoiled food, 2 bags, grenade, gold bar)
-Added 2 new dildo masturbation animations (they might look a bit raw, might remake them later)
-Added [Personal Info] tab to Customization menu
You can change a character’s Name, Height, Pregnancy, Personality, and select Fetishes
-Added very well hidden easteregg
(first person to send me a screenshot of it, get’s a plaque with a username of their choosing in that place)
-Added few statues around the map about plot characters
-Made it possible to import custom hair models from bundle files.
This feature is in a very early state, and will be much more complete in later builds.
This feature is for “modding support”, and in future builds will have some menus, and a proper bundle tutorial.
This feature is not priority at the moment.
-Fixed, unable to move when pausing while crouched
-Fixed texturing bug during sex
-Added new Sleeping on floor animation after exausting sex
-Made Strap-on disabled when not used
-Added message recomending the user to unzip the game, incase they ran the game from inside a zip
-Updated incorrectly extracted error message
-Made NPC’s with diferent personality types, or specific jobs, have diferent walking animations
-Made [throwdown sex] give 10 relationship points with a NPC if they have a Nympho, Crazy, Broken or Aggressive Personality, or if they have Masochist fetish. (Otherwise you lose 50 relationship points)
-Improved NPC random name generation
-Fixed [Run by default] settings option
-Fixed Helmet with lamp not looking where the cursor is pointing in 1st person mode
-Fixed Helmet with lamp light flicker
-Cleared punch mode after sex or interacting with stuff
-Fixed ‘Sky color visual bug’ when in a dark place
-Fixed melee options (knockout/kill) not showing when you pick up a melee weapon
-Fixed prompts not showing properly before changing to 1st/3rd person the first time
-Fixed sleeping animation not playing in back alley
-Misc ui additions
-Added bunny ears
-Added 3 new footwear
-Fixed incorrect flip in a hair
-Fixed UI issue with melee weapons
-Fixed camera not clipping where it should
-Fixed NPC displacement from player running
-Fixed, in backpack, Equip button should not appear with things u can’t equip
-Fixed overflow of backpacks with items
-Fixed can’t throwdown sex main guard in hard mode
-Added Minigun (no weapon specifc animations yet)
-Reimplemented colision height change on crouch/crawl
-Added 1st mission on the Army side
-Made player model visible when driving vehicles
-Added UnFlip key to vehicles
-Decorated the city some more
-Replaced few old models
-Added Sewers (not fully decorated yet)
-Started adding few places the player can live on (only the places, not the full feature)
-Added [Carol] new non-random NPC, that replaced Strip club desk girl
-Added [War] new non-random NPC, that gives Army missions
-Added [Zea] new non-random NPC, that’s your roommate in various places coincidentally
-Added [Maylenne] new non-random NPC, that un-pregnants you or NPC’s, at the Clinic place (next to brick motel)
-Added Sex event [Maylenne], when un-pregnanting at the clinic
-Fixed bug, (Ex. backpack) Multi options dissapearing after a second
-Shooting in 3rd person is now accurate
-Fixed player going unconcious after interacting with an unconcious body
-Fixed rare bug where weapons would not shoot
-Re-Fixed glitchy ragdolls
-Added, Locked doors will display needed key name (if applicable)
-Added new edible “pile of spoiled food” (will be more used in a later builds when I add food places)
-Added new section to the city (still unpopulated, will leave the rest for another build)
-Made stairs easier to walk on
-Some performance improvements
-NPC Pathfinding fixes
-Ragdoll re-re-fixes
-Fixed incorrect item pickup (Jeans/Camo pants)
-Added Player Auto Unstuck (not perfect)
-Added footsteps sfx
-Increased player health on new game and respawn
-Added combat music
-Fixed bug that would not let the player impregnate NPC’s
-NPC’s will walk to the clinic to unpregnante themselves (currently no visible animation yet)
-Female Player can unpregnante herself at the clinic (current event/animation is a bit raw, will get improved later)
-Added rare random background noises
-Updated error message
-Added varied decoration, and plot related decoration in the map
-Made DIW dildos spawn randomly inside trash cans / trash piles (except grenade and gold bar)
-Added more trash cans
-Made some of the game’s trash piles Searchable, it’ll give some random items
-Added spoiled food (heals), and clothing to searchable trash piles
-Fixed bug, notifications no longer appearing after a sex scene
-Fixed, sleep skipping not fully restoring energy
-Minor Notification improvements
-Helmet lamp is infinite now
-Sexy clothing increases prostitution chance (with 70%, without 20%)
-(Finally) Made that if you walk around naked, NPC’s that have certain personalities will “aproach you for sex” (throwdown sex)

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

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