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BoneTown: The Second Coming Edition – Final Version v2024-06-07 (Full Game)[D-Dub Software]

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Info: GTA meets South Park with sex and drugs in BoneTown, a hilariously hardcore game that combines free roaming, action adventure gameplay with fucking, fighting, and getting fucked up.
Want to party with hot chicks and get laid in a free-roaming video game?
BoneTown is the first game to combine free roaming, action adventure gameplay with sex, drugs, and debauchery in one hilariously hardcore experience!
Merging games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption with outrageous drug-induced and sexual powers never before allowed in a video game, BoneTown creates a world where crack makes you run quicker, weed lets you jump higher, and of course, you get to bone your way to the top as you seduce thousands of unique girls.
Key Features
25 sex positions merged seamlessly into gameplay
200+ voices with thousands of unique male and female characters
15 levels including trailer parks, house parties, suburbia, clubs, and drug forests
7 drugs, each with their own boss, consumable effect, and fighting move
35+ replayable competitions like Hookup Contests, Butt Brawls, Hogging Contests, Smear the Steer, an Orgy Competition, Capture the Flag, a Sorority Slam, The Great Crack Caper, a Jerk Off Competition, and many more
12 Story Mode missions that follow the overthrow of The Man Inc. and your rise to BoneTown stardom
80+ weapons, ranging from tennis rackets, to sex paddles, to holy relics, to kegs
A Fantasy Mode that lets you skip the gameplay and get right to the boning.

Date: 07.06.2024
Language: English
Version: Full Game
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

v2024-06-07 – Kinks DLCs included
We have updated the Kinks DLC and fixed the bugs that were brought to our attention this first week out the Kinks DLC being out.
We had some payouts wrong in some of the competition, and there was also a bug in the Make-A-Dude when you chose a custom color for your shirt, shoes and eyes.
We have also updated all of the Mods created by D-Dub Software, supplied the new code to the all MOD creators so they can update their MODs as well.

Creator of this game: Steampowered.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

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