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BrokenPanty – Version 0.5.3 [XGroundhog]

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Info: BrokenPanty is a 1v1 girls fighting game where. The objective is to break your opponent’s clothes and subdue her, in the middle of the battle you can use sexual movements and objects against the opponents.​

Date: 14.04.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.5.3
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– Added secondary outfit selection menu.
– Added 2 “Cosplay” Outfits (2b-Nier automata) &(Morrigan-darkstalkers).
– The bug of falling to the ground when playing with “Roxi” characters has been fixed.
-Note: At the moment playing with 2 identical characters produces animcaimones errors. It will soon be fixed
– Added a card selection system (Using the RB key in the fighter selection menu).
-The “A” key was changed to “RB+A” for the action of lifting the opponent when they fall.
-The stocking of the character “Caroline” was changed.
– Added a bra to “Caroline” and an alternative outfit.
-Added 2 new sexual movement card (Breast_Sitting) & (Pussy_On_Pussy).
-CPU never loses bug was fixed.
-You can now help lift the opponent by pressing the “A” key when he is on the ground.
-Updated 6 Naru attacks.
-The suplex that Caroline uses was temporarily fixed.
-Updated the “Health Bar” segment in the how to play guide.
For more information on changes see the Development log.

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

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