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Brooks in Wild West – Version 0.50 [Piggy Nose Games]

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In this game you will live the life of Brooks III! After several years of humiliation, you rebel against Tyler, the school bully! But only your courage it wasn’t enough, Tyler attacked you and you couldn’t defend yourself! In your subconscious, you had a conversation with the patriarch of the Brooks family, which takes you back to the times of the wild west! Where real men were made!

Date: 17.10.2023
Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Version: 0.41
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

v0.41(Remaster and Extras)
– Complete remaster of all scenes and animations from the prologue to the end of chapter 2 (Extra scenes, backgrounds and other images have also been reworked). All scenes were re-rendered, with a higher convergence rate.
– The mayor now provides information about Goldfield, so they don’t get lost at the beginning of the game. Just choose the “To Talk” option in Townhall.
– Changes to the clothes and accessories of several characters, holsters, sheriff stars and other aesthetic details were added.
– Corrections to incorrect poses, lighting and scenarios in several scenes from the prologue to the current chapter.
– Addition of new scenes and dialogues between existing scenes to enrich the plot, especially in chapter 2.
– The bounty hunting and animal hunting systems have been reformulated, now you must go to the location where you must hunt (Desert or Lake) and you can hunt as many times as you want (or as long as your health/ammunition lasts) without TimeSkip. Then just go to the Sheriff’s office or Butchery to receive all the accumulated rewards.
– Another change in bounty hunting is that now bandits no longer stand still in the middle of the desert; you must chase them with your horse at a specific time of day. (If your horse is slow, there is a chance they will escape)
– Replacement of almost 90% of the game’s sound effects and music with higher quality licensed sounds.
– Around 30~ new animations added.
– New NSFW scenes added to gallery.
– Correction of reported bugs and others found by beta testers.
– Small changes to dialogue and character clothing (mainly Kristal’s school uniform) to comply with Steam policies.
– The official Italian translation cannot be made available yet due to internal problems, I will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

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