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College Kings – Season 2 – Version 3.3.3 Rework [Undergrad Steve]

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Info: After a bad heartbreak with your ex-girlfriend Emily you earn a place at your first choice college, San Vallejo.
And with it, a chance for a new start. You quickly discover that this year will be about much more than studying as being a freshman hits you hard and fast.
An underground fighting tradition called the Summer Showdown between the two best fraternities,
the apes and the wolves is your pathway to a life of partying, power and sex. But how far will you be willing to go to get your dream girl?​

Date: 21.10.2023
Language: English
Version: Episode 2 – 3.3.3 Rework
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

## [3.3.3]
### Fixed
– Fixed Lovense Game mode not working correctly
## [3.3.2] – 2023-10-18
### Added
– Added Cameron’s surprise scene
### Fixed
– Fixed Chloe’s bet not being properly tracked
– Fixed being able to infinitely talk to Chloe
– Fixed being able to infinitely give Amber sunglasses
– Fixed being able to infinitely give out shots
– Fixed being able to infinitely talk to Chris
– Fixed unusable donations pitcher
– Fixed being able to infinitely use the donations pitcher
## [3.3.1] – 2023-10-17
### Removed
– Removed incorrect statement from the pathbuilder
### Fixed
– Fixed being able to infinitely talk to Sam/DJ
– Fixed being able to infinitely talk to Apes/Wolves
– Fixed Faris missing a pfp causing game crash, now default to Chloe pfp
– Fixed spelling of Elijah
– Fixed game crashing when making Penelope a margarita, or advising her to drink water
– Fixed game crashing upon loading save due to old Enums
## [3.3.0] – 2023-10-17
### Added
– Added Sebastian scene
– Added Aubrey model scene images
– Added Aubrey sex scene images
– Added image to Chloe/Nora swimming race scene
– Added image to MC making drinks scene for Nora
– Added variables to avoid using the label history too much
### Changed
– Renamed an enum to avoid bad encoding
### Removed
– Removed unused images and label from Aubrey model scene
– Removed unused image from MC ape/wolf in bed scene
### Fixed
– Fixed DJBP Kiwii path
– Fixed Aubrey van scene continuity
– Fixed image continuity in Lindsey study scene
– Fixed image continuity in Lauren dorm scene
– Fixed image continuity in Penelope coin scene
– Fixed image continuity in Chloe pool hall scene
– Fixed MC’s profile picture being reset to default
– Fixed not being able to delete username in kiwii
– Fixed image continuity in Nora and Chloe pool race
– Fixed Penelope and MC switching sides in Penelopes bedroom scene
– Fixed Labels and brought them all in line with current label system
– Fixed image in Chloe/Aubrey bikini shopping scene
– Fixed Riley disappearing cup in Elijah pants scene
– Made sure anyone acknowledges what happened in the fight with Tom
– Fixed FWB Nora from episode 2 using the pathbuilder
– Used more appropriate variables for some situations
– Updated the pathbuilder

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

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