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Contagion Crisis – Version 2.1 [WeLoveMonsters]

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Info: Contagion Crisis is a monster survival-horror kinetic novel heavily influenced by games such as Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, and more.
In 2018, a contagion escapes into the city of Grimhaven, Washington, turning everything it touches into lust-fueled monsters. Sisters, Sarah and Ava, must traverse the city, doing their best to avoid the lustful mutations, military personnel, and raiders. To find the truth of the origin of the contagion, the pair will have to unravel a web of lies that takes them into the deepest, darkest pit.​

Date: 08.05.2024
Language: English
Version: 2.1
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

V.2.1 Release
Fixed a bunch of reported typos – Thanks Saint Blackmoor!
Added: Version history to exe
V.2 Release
Added: Chapter 1:
475+ renders
20+ animations
Changed: subtle flash effect to all gun shooting scenes
Changed: Updated to Renpy 8.2.1 to take advantage of new functionality for movies
Changed: Removed text box and added text shadow to minimize the need for “H” spam when you want to see the goods
Changed: Updated default save directory from RenPy\ContagionCrisisHSDemo to RenPy\ContagionCrisis (will require you to move files if you don’t want to replay the intro)
Changed: Adjusted compression for all images and video files for best viewing experience for the default build while still providing a high level of quality
Changed: Adjusted certain animations to not loop on Intro
Fixed: Corrected all reported typos in Intro

Creator of this game: Subscribestar.adult

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