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D.Sim – Version 0.2.6a [Hachigames]

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Info: A real-time 3D Sex Simulator with high-end graphics.
Play the Sandbox to have fun with different ladies in all kinds of sex positions, including fetishes like consensual BDSM and more. Or play the Story-Mode with RPG elements, all presented in beautiful high-fidelity graphics.
It was just a joke, you thought. But because you answered what you thought was a simple spam e-mail, you suddenly wake up in a strange room. The doors are locked. However, you’re not alone. With you is the princess of a strange country you have never heard of before.
She welcomes you in your new role as General. It’s now your job to save the world! You have to assemble a team of fighters, equip them, and send them against the invading forces.
But of course, you also get to know the princess a lot better…​

Date: 01.06.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.2.6a
Censored: No

1. Extract and run DSim.exe

Don’t be alarmed by the version jump. This update just changes the versioning system to make it easier for me to manage.
Most of this update is optimization, but there is also some new features, as well as added story, and a peeking minigame.
Thanks to the optimization and the card hair, the minimum requirements for this game have likely been pushed back one hardware generation.
For older machine, using “Simple Hair” in the options is highly recommended. It will likely significantly improve your fps (up to 2x or even more depending on the hardware).
Improvements and Optimizations
(This list is very compressed to only mention the most important things)
Improved general performance of all character meshes
Improved general performance of all architecture
Improved lighting
Improved skin/cloth/architectural shaders and used trick to minimize unity-shine. This significantly upgrades the general look of locations and put it close to Unreal quality of light mapping
Significantly reduced VRAM and RAM usage
Visual improvements on LOD
Eliminated shadow overlap at distance
Added card-hair fallback for a huge FPS boost when used (for older machines. Enabled with ‘Simple Hair’ in the graphics options)
Various code optimizations
Significantly reduced loading time for outfits
Recreated some textures to have better fit (e.g. bathroom door, etc)
Fixed body modification not accepting negative values
Fixed some typos
A lot of smaller fixes
FPS/frametime counter
Added bathroom to main room, with working shower that interacts with skin to make it wet. (And if you look at her after the peeking minigame, she will still be slightly wet, drying off)
Added peeking minigame with sight based reveal system and graphical representation, as well as notice system based on player’s movement and position
Added several small scenes to advance story (wip)
Several framework additions in the backend, like the ability to control location-dependent events without the need for strong references
Reset button for body/hair
Body/Hair now saves persistent
Completely new layer in dialogue system with scripting system to add animations, audio and facial animation without the need for a dedicated cutscene timeline, which makes simple dialogue a lot faster to write.
Known Issues:
During the peeking game, the red sight indicator can be affected by upscaling in fullscreen causing it to be drawn wrong.

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

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