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Ero-Gen – New Final Version 1.0 (Full Game) [Sesalia]

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If you love eroticism, magic and interactive cinema, you should like it!
The game is based on turn-based combat and mixed elements. Opening new spells, you can create a template for the battle.
The player is supposed to take on the role of a sorceress and defeat the criminal. Conditionally, a game can be divided into 2 stages:
1) It is necessary to overcome the villain in a duel. The battle is executed in the form of a step-by-step video (interactive movie). By mixing the elements in your hands, you create a random spell and discover new elements. Using an opponent’s mind reading, you need to create a move pattern to win.
2) (In developing) Your character is captured after losing. The game turns into “Side-scrolling management”. You need to serve the bandits to redeem freedom. From time to time, the player will find hints and spell recipes needed to complete the first stage. After liberation, everything starts again, taking into account the open elements, abilities and level. With each new loss, the complexity of the service will increase.
The game is designed in such a way that the player has to go through both stages many times. The alpha version is considered completed if you defeat the criminal in the first stage.

Date: 24.08.2023
Language: English
Version: 1.0
Censored: No

Windows Requirements:
Both packages are in the game folder!

Extract and run file “Ero-Gen.exe”. May start more than a minute.
Linux (Ubuntu is used as an example)

0) Extract the game folder to a convenient location.

1) Open a terminal (right-click on the desktop-> Open Terminal or press Ctrl + Alt + T).

2) Write:
chmod a+x
Where is the path to the Ero-Gen file, as well as the file itself, inclusive, for example:
chmod a+x ‘/home/osboxes/desktop/linux32/Ero-Gen’
In order not to write the path manually, you can drag the “Ero-Gen” file to the terminal!

3) Press Enter

4) Open the “Ero-Gen” file through the terminal, for this you can simply drag and drop the file and press Enter. ===================================================
After switching on, errors may appear in the terminal. This is normal.
MacOS There is no apple digital signature in the game! You may need to add the application to the exceptions:
0) Extract the game folder to a convenient location.
1) In Finder on Mac, find the application you want to open. Do not use Launchpad for this. Launchpad cannot use the context menu.
2) While holding down the Control key, click on the application icon, then select “Open” in the context menu. Click “Open.”
3) The application is saved in the list of exclusions from security settings, and in the future it can be launched by double-clicking, like any registered application.
Android You must allow the installation of applications from unknown developers. Enable this option:
Settings-> Security-> Unknown Sources
The location of this option may vary, depending on the version of android.

There are 2 versions of the game for Android:
1) 720p video (less weight, less load on the device, worse quality)
2) 1080p video (more weight, more load on the device, better quality.)
Choose the version you want based on your preferences.

– lvl 4 ‘Battle’ added (it’s time to defeat the villain);
– victory scene added (Katie and Christie);
– final scene added;
– the first code added: adminzahar (allows you to use admin panel to customize the Battle);
– some minor bugs fixed.

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

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