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Hinata Unleashed – Final Version (Full Game) [Kamos]

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Info: Walkthrough:
1. Talk with Hinata about exploring the world
2. Go out with Hinata if you lie to Hinata you will need to go aout alone and read the boards
3. Go out alone (only if you lie before)
4. Talk with Hinata about the artifact
5. Try to explore the maze with or without Hinata
6. In the house, explore the artifact
7. Explore the maze with Hinata
8. Set acces to Hinata (or it will be done automaticaly) and exit the control room
9. Explore the maze
10. Explore the area around the lakes alone 3 times
11. Eplore the North part of the forest 3 times
12. Explore the area around mountains – do it when Hinata is not at home
13. Explore the maze and you can now finish the game, or continue and have fun with Hinata
1. Talk with Hinata about her
2. Talk with Hinata about others
3. Talk with Hinata about yourself 5 times
4. Do activities with Hinata 10 times (Hike/Swim/Picnic)
5. Then Hike with Hinata
6. Try to talk with HInata
7. Now you need to complete the main quest to point 13 (do not use end the game option ofc) and then talk with Hinata again
8. Try to relax with Hinata in the forest
9. Try to Hike with Hinata
10. Relax with Hinata at the lakes
11. Give a massage to Hinata in the forest
12. Relax with Hinata at the lakes
13. In the maze play hide and seek with Hinata
14. In the mountains try to explore the rocks
15. Now you can complete the stroy with slightly diferent endings
1. If you select the hard skip it is possible to try directly the activation of the chameleon circuit (or complete first 8 steps of main mission)
2. Then talk with Hinata about everything
3. Then have sex with her everywhere
4. Then talk to her again about leaving the world
5. Now you can have as much fun with it as you want and when you’ve had enough, you can end the game in the control room

Date: 15.03.2024
Language: English
Version: Final
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

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Download for Android

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