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Horton Bay Stories – Jake – Version [Lumphorn Games]

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Welcome to our first game set in the town of Horton Bay!
Our main character, Jake (or nickname of your choosing) Rogers, finds himself at the end of his final school year and ready to head off to his local university along with his long term girlfriend and best mate.
That is until everything gets turned on it’s head and forces him to change his plans!
Now with seemingly few options, he decides to travel to the other side of the country to the coastal town of Horton Bay, where he can start fresh and try to rebuild a new life for himself!
He’ll forge new relationships, whether they be good friends, romantic interests, adulterous affairs or simply some good old, no-strings casual sex!
He’ll explore the town and meet interesting new people. Get himself a job and an education. Even find himself getting caught up in the middle of a ruthless crime war!
But most importantly, he gets to start the first chapter of the Horton Bay Stories!
Thank you for your interest and we hope you’ll like it enough to stick around for more!

Date: 02.12.2023
Language: English
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Horton Bay Stories – Jake v0.3.8.4 Changelog
Fixed: Several typos.
Changed: Remade Katherine’s character model.
Changed: When choosing to take all Uni classes in the morning, you no longer have to also choose “Take Class“ at the start of each lesson. This not only saves a few unnecessary clicks but also avoids potential bugs where you may find yourself stuck without any navigation (usually triggered when using cheats to alter time of day etc).
Added: New Inventory item – Itching Powder.
Added: Tracker for amount of contraceptive pills bought from Marion at the Clinic (pills added via cheat mode do NOT count – One-time catch up menu for existing saves).
Added: New twins event (16:00 The Randall’s backyard – Requires getting into the pool with both girls. Current saves will need to replay the event if already seen before v0.3.8).
Added: New scenes when spying on Adel during rent collection (NTR on – reliant on Adel’s corruption status).
Added: Scratch Cards now available to buy at the Petrol Station (cost £5 each, can win up to £100 per card – can also be used as a gift).
Added: Comic Books can now be purchased from the Bookshop – Can be used as a gift.
Added: Nigel getting closer to Adel during the rent pickup (NTR on – Requires at least 15 corruption points plus stuffed toy bought and Adel’s room camera unlocked – mulitple stages).
Added: Can now fuck Marley when staying behind with her at the beach (requires at least 9 ‘MAX’ attraction for Marley).
Added: More content during Christine’s shower event at home.
Added: Can now give gifts to your house mates in order to reduce corruption (once per girl per day) by one point.
Added: New event with Nurse Marion at the Clinic (Requires buying at least 10 contraceptive pills or either type).
Added: Extended the event at the clinic after drinking too much (Requires letting Marion have her way and getting your test results back).

Creator of this game: Buymeacoffee.com

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