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Long and Hard…Summer! – Version 1.11 [Inlet Pipe Productions]

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Info: Being a freshman at the university is harder than you thought.
After failing your first semester, you’ve lost your hope for fun during the summer vacation.
Now you need to attend makeup classes and pass tests,
if you still want to be a student of Game Design Course.
But that’s not the end of your problems.
Your parents decided to stop paying for the flat you rent,
so you need to find a job and earn enough money to make a living.
Don’t forget that life is full of surprises and more obstacles might come,
when you expect them least.
Despite having a hard time, you’re not alone.
The company of beautiful girls can certainly make your life a little bit pleasing and… spicier.
Become an adult and make your sex life go wildly out of hand.​

Date: 15.05.2023
Language: English, French, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
Version: 1.11
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

v1.11 Steam
With this update, the game should look better on full screen on higher resolutions.
v1.10 Steam
It’s content is exactly what was initially planned, so the changelog looks like this:
– The Office Building in the City Center is now open every morning with two floors accessible. One of the floors is the headquarters for Maid Corp LLC, where you can subscribe to the maid services for 3000 YEN
– Yukiko Hirano – your maid with her story and three new illustrations to unlock
– New minigame (but relax, it’s not that hard)

Creator of this game: Itch.io

Download for Windows/ Linux

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