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Lust for Life: A Sissy Story – Version 0.12 [MartinDrake]

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Info: In this game you will play a guy, newly moved to the city with his mother, who will find himself discovering new sides to his sexuality. As you continue in your adventure you will explore this new nature of yours and deal with many other characters, both female and male, who will push you down that path.
All of the content of the game will focus on your journey of feminization and acceptance of your new sexuality with a whole growing series of events occurring as you progress through the game.
The game is a spinoff of Lust for Life and is set in the same city as the main game with most of the characters already seen in the other and some new characters.​

Date: 14.11.2023
Language: English, Italian
Version: 0.12 Public
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Version 0.12:
In this version I have started a big refactoring of the game to adjust it to all the feedback I have had over the course of these months and what I think has worked and what could be improved instead. With this version I think I’m now close to what will be the final structure of the game, and I don’t think it will happen again that I’ll be making such big overhauls as I am now. I anticipate right away that the old saves will unfortunately no longer be compatible with this version, but with the changes made there will be a great incentive to play from the beginning and experience the new features, which are also largely retroactive on the old quests. I suggest you read the list of changes in the Features section to find out how the game has changed.
In addition to all the new features, there will of course also be room for some new content. The amount will be a little less than usual, since I have been working on the new features most of the time, but it will still be very intriguing. In fact, this month’s content will be about the gloryhole. After you have mastered the art of blowjob, you will start experimenting with your new knowledge at the gloryhole in the school bathroom to the delight of the other students… and your own.
Merge of the Submission trait within the Lust trait. The most important steps related to Submission will now be directly associated with Lust, which will then become a trait dedicated to everything related to sexual interactions, whether they are related to relationships with other people (handjobs, blowjobs, anal sex, etc.) or related to the use of certain objects (dildos, plugs, castity cage, etc.).
From this version much of the submissive and humiliating quests and scenes will become a user’s choice and will no longer be mandatory. The character’s disposition will still be predominantly passive and submissive but you will decide to what extent.
Added the ability to abandon optional Side Quests. These choices will occur in the early stages of the quest related to each specific character and will be characterized by a green button to continue in the quest, and a red button to abandon the quest. All the quests closely related to the Feminization trait (quest with Riley and Veronica) and Lust trait (quest with Logan) are not avoidable, as they are fundamental to character and plot development.
Melissa’s quest can now be avoided in its early stages. There will be an alternative path (much shorter and discouraged) that will allow for increasing the Lust trait and unlocking plugs, dildos, sex shops, etc. but without dealing with her. This is to give users who do not like Melissa’s excessive humiliation a chance to continue in the game, discarding that part completely.
Insert many dialogue choices throughout the game characterized by blue buttons. These choices will affect only certain dialogues and not the plot, allowing you to customize your gameplay experience.
Modified the scene of your first blowjob. It will now be with Logan and no longer with Melissa and Joshua. (The scene with Melissa and Joshua is still there but will only be displayed after you do the one with Logan)
Some changes to some of the dialogue in the old scenes in the game to make it more consistent with the current content.
Added audio of moans and sexual sounds in the sex scenes of the game. (Audio does not work on iOS devices)
Created Sex Stats page containing all the sexual statistics of the game.
Added a section on sexual addictions to the Sex Stats page. Sexual addictions currently featured are: Cum, BBC, Piss, Chastity. The more you do actions related to these, the more you increase exp and level up, unlocking new interactions and choice options. (Addictions will gain importance in future versions of the game.)
Added a new daily phase in the afternoon. Now there will be more time in the afternoon to perform actions and see scenes.
Added a clock icon in the left menu to advance to the next daily phase.
Added new handbags in the clothing store.
Added consumable items in the Sex Shop: lube and condoms.
New masturbation management more interactive and with more choices. Choices will increase by doing specific actions (Ex: Increasing Lust Trait, buying dildos, etc.).
Added new lingerie images when doing photoshoots and generally when there are lingerie scenes. Some more explicit ones are unlocked reached Feminization 8.
Inserted in the compilation of the form regarding the Main Character of Lust for Life a name generator.
Several other minor additions and modifications.
Eliminated Submission trait and merged with Lust. The max value of Main Traits for this version is as follows:
Feminization Max: 10
Lust Max: 9
Continuation of the quest: Gloryhole
New quest: DIY (Alternative quest to “Melissa Blackmail”)
New scenes in the school bathroom gloryhole.
Fixed a bug related to the avatar of the Main Character of Lust for Life.
Some bugfixes.

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