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Myst. Manor – Final Version 1.0.1 Full [Faerin]

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In ancient woods the realms collide and thus the veil wears thin,
Spirits dwell and dreams shall haunt all those who stay within.
So take great heed and turn away when myst devours your sight,
Lest you get caught and forevermore lie trapped in endless night.​

Date: 28.10.2022
Language: English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish
Version: 1.1.0
Censored: No

New hot game from creator of mega popular game called “Man of the House” – Faerin.

INC Patch:
Patch Instructions
Just copy the mapping file to the (root) game directory.

Hey guys!
Here’s the final content update for game, with some Halloween bonus content and one
new unlockable guest.
Next month, I will begin development on my new game. So you can expect some polls and previews
in the coming weeks! I’m really looking forward to starting a new project and hope this will be my
best game yet! Thank you all for your support and happy Halloween!
Note: Existing saves can be copied over by moving the profiles folder from the previous version to
this one.
• Added Mischa as a guest.
• Added an unlock event for Mischa.
• Added 5 new events for Mischa.
• Added Halloween bonus outfits for all staff members.
• Added an unlockable Halloween Splash page.
• Added Halloween outfit images for the upkeep jobs.
• Added a Halloween sound track.
• Added a new Steam achievement for Mischa.
• Updated the requirements for the 2 guest achievements.
• Fixed a bug causing cards and items not to be included when calculating prevented strikes for
• Fixed a bug causing broken translation for event hints.
• Fixed a bug causing the attuned event to lock up the game.
• Fixed a bug causing Kay not to show up after hiring her under very specific circumstances.
• Fixed a bug causing the “Against the law” event not to trigger room under very specific
• Fixed a bug causing Hana not to show up after renovating the security room under very
specific circumstances

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

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