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Nemesis Party: NTR, or NOT – Version 0.08 [NemesisGames]

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Info: It’s Glendale High’s last house party of the summer, where you’ll either win over your long-time crush, Emma Winters, or lose her forever. The problem: your ex-girlfriend, Tara, will be there, and she’s out for revenge. You broke up with her, and now she’s trying to get every girl at the party, including Emma, to hook up with the school’s star basketball player – an old nemesis who is as cunning as he is tall, muscular, and hung.

Date: 24.05.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.08
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Added Emma cuckold/humiliation, Turn 11
Added Emma voyeur/cheating, Turn 11
Added Emma vanilla/romance, Turn 11
Added Lily NTR, Turn 12
Added Lily Bull, Turn 12
Added Abbie NTR, Turn 13
Added Abbie Vanilla/Romance, Turn 13
Added ability to give Lily alcohol after Tara’s Turn 10 scene, which triggers additional titjob animation during her Turn 12 NTR scene.
Added Malik interrupting Abbie’s reward of BJ or HJ
Added Malik remembering Benji snooping in Jasmine’s drawers
Added Ace carrying Malik after he passes out
Added Abbie remembering Emma and MC’s friendship during school
Added “dream” to intro: new renders include MC sleeping during thunderstorm, a topless Jasmine bouncing, a mysterious necklace, Darius offering you a joint, MC in a car chase, and Ace at a poker table
Changed Lily’s dialogue on rooftop scene so that it makes more sense with her Turn 12 lewd scenes
Added Ace to rooftop scene
Added headshots of Lily in tanktop
Added headshots of Lily, Emma, Farzad, and Ace naked
Added walkthrough (Accessible from in-game menu)
Removed action points requirements
Revised the end of turn summary: Less text, more icons
Revised User Interface: Character icons now show whether they are influenced by your or Ace’s rumors
The purpose of the nemesis score bar has been clarified by adding the face of MC on one end of the scale, and Ace on the other.
Hovering over characters now displays their nemesis score as well as their name
Reduced delay on help button’s highlighting of characters
To avoid pre-tutorial confusion, the UI lineup of girls is hidden until the rumor system is introduced.
Added speech bubbles for more engaging dialogue
Re-mastered Lily’s model to have less facial fat, new hairstyle: so her rooftop scene has been re-made, as well as headshots/sprites
Re-mastered Oona (who hasn’t really been introduced) to have broader appeal: so her and Jasmine’s sex tape has been remade
Re-mastered Tara’s motorcycle scene to higher quality
Re-mastered Emma’s laundry NTR scene for better lighting and shadows
Fixed one billion bugs reported by testers during development, including missing renders, inaccurate pickpocketing success rates, etc.
Fixed rumors so they spread properly

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

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