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New Year’s Day(e) – Version 0.3.0 [Jonesy]

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Info: New Year’s Day(e) is the continuing story of a single father (MC) and his stepdaughters,
Evelynne (Eve) and Dayton (Daye) and their friends Becky and Kaylee.
This is the sequel to the story “Christmas Eve”. If you haven’t read that,
I encourage you to read it first, but it’s not absolutely necessary in order to enjoy this story.
This is a love story of acceptance, coming of age,
and healing as the MC’s family and friends continue to come to terms with their developing
feelings for each other and their grief felt for the MC’s late wife, Heather.

Date: 26.12.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.3.0
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

This is chapter 3. It has taken a little longer than usual for me to get this out, but I have been having a rough time this year. Luckily, I have creative outlets like this one to help channel negative energy into. Enough about my boring life. What about this chapter?!
In this chapter, we will see the resolution of the problems between Kaylee and her mom. We will meet Becky’s little sister Olivia and uncover some as of yet unknown things about the MC’s past. I’ve tried to include a few foreshadowing clues here and there, some are more subtle than others, so keep an eye out.
We will also see how the big New Year’s party is shaping up and there are some really great things that happen with our titular characters.
While I touted earlier that this chapter is not nearly as dark as chapter 2, I will say that for the majority if the time this is true, but watch out for the ending of this one, it’s a doozy.

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

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