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Of Lust And Pride – Version 0.55 [Young Griff Games]

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Info: Of Lust and Pride is an erotic isometric RPG with heavy VN elements. In this Dark Fantasy world, you are a high-ranking member of the greatest empire in history, the Golden Dawn, a nation composed entirely of slaves bound to a single man. While there’s certainly perks to being surrounded by women sworn to carry out your every desire, you are also constantly torn between scheming rivals and the whims of your own wrothful master. But what if an opportunity came for you to be rid of it all? To forge your own path, your decisions bound by no one but yourself? Will you break away from the chain that binds? Or will you become the one and only master?

Date: 20.08.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.55
Censored: No

1. Extract and run

v.0.55 (Mostly save game compatible. Import a save before you arrive at the Isvar Hub, Wolf’s Way, just to be safe)
– 90+ New Renders, 1 New Scene
– 1 New Map
– Introduces Hedvig as a romantic interest, who has her own side quest
– Added new dialogue to Evelyn in the cave
– Added a new interaction with Sheva in the Northern Woods about looting bodies
– Added more healing items all over the place
– Rebalanced enemies
– Other minor bug fixes and grammatical errors

Creator of this game: Itch.io

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