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Shaggy’s Power – Version Public [Fin]

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Info: Team Scooby’s latest investigation ends in a complete nightmare!
Left with no money and no place to live, they are forced to stay in an unfamiliar town for an indefinite period of time.
And it seems that this town holds a lot of secrets and mysteries…​

Date: 01.04.2024
Language: English, Russian, Italian
Version: Public +Fix2
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

0.0.8 Public+ Fix:
– Fixed the purchase of scooby cookies
– Rewritten the code for giving bonuses from a succubus, available when you have a good relationship with her.
Bonuses are now awarded randomly. Also the succubus gives different amounts of sin points.
– Fixed a bug with the quest of the man at the public restroom
– Removed traces of debugging peeping scenes
Appeared if you look into the room and get to the scene of the classic costume.
– Fixed a bug that caused Velma to wear a bikini instead of classic clothes in the evening.
– Optimized code. Now the game will work more stable and the error log will not be so long.
– Fixed a bug that made it possible to send clones to work at night in closed workplaces.
– Now if you send clones to work at the wrong time you will get a penalty.
– Fixed a bug that caused the background to not appear when peeping at girls.
– Fixed a bug that caused girls to wear classic costumes during sports and then the game would crash afterwards.

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

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