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SnakeByte Blue – Version 0.0.3A [BackAlley_GYC]

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Info: SnakeByte Blue is a porn parody of Great Y Comics’ SnakeByte comic: a VERY adult reimagining set in a fantasy, action-packed world. You take the role of a pragmatic young girl who is given the task of tracking down an ancient source of power, before the world falls into a state of corruption at the hands of an evil goddess.
This is slow-burn, RPG MAKER title, with tactical turn-based grid combat, and includes the entire prologue and two minigames – making half an hour of content, 4 H-scenes, and two re-playable “job minigames”.

Date: 25.11.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.0.3a
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

v0.0.3 (A)
–Added brand New Kyrsten dialogue artwork for all outfits! (Note, some dialogue may reference outdated version of outfits, Kyrsten’s dress, Bunny Tail etc. Will be updated in future)
–Added Kyrsten Ultimo New Artwork!
–New Title Art for Version 0.0.3
–Updated Sprite work for Kyrsten.
–Added New gallery viewer in the Cycle Town Bathhouse!
–Added randomised lines for Kyrsten and Rio when grabbed or cursed.
–Kyrsten’s default outfit will change based on if the player is wearing “The Lucky Reds”
–Turned “Days Passed System” which counted the number of in game days that had passed, into a “Days of the Week System”, meaning that the Game will now show a Monday to Sunday schedule rather than counting the days that pass as numbers. Allows for easier sorting of events on my part.
–Players with MAX Escape Chance/Guards can now choose to let foes grab them.
–Fixed Curse System. Some enemies will attempt to curse Kyrsten’s team (status effects for now)
–Mental Guard now works like Escape Chance (1 to 10).
-Bug Fixes
–Fixed Krischara wondering around when visiting the Manor during Battle for Cycle Town event.
–Fixed Bug of Charen’s Corruption only going down to value of 3 instead of 0
–Fixed Runt and Gate Bug in Par More during Battle of Cycle Town Quest
–Fixed Outfit Corruption level not showing when talking to Orc Wise Man.
–Fixed Krischara’s double dialogue when talking about Height.
–Fixed Police Costume not appearing in battle (sprite artwork)
–BUG DISCOVERED: Marcus, Rio, Charen and Serra won’t show Kyrsten’s Green outfit option. Krischara does. Don’t have time to implement fixes before release.
–BUG – I forgot to do the female side of the bathhouse. Kept putting it off, realised during playtesting, no time to fix. Whoopsie.

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

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