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Star Hunt – Version 0.2 [WitchBeast]

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Info: The galaxy is suffering from war. An evil mutant race has declared war on the intergalactic government and all intelligent species. Lana, an artificially bred super soldier, is sent on a mission to collect rare alien creatures in order to study them and develop biological weapons against the invaders. Save the galaxy from enslavement.​

Date: 22.11.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.2
Censored: No

1- Download and extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Star Hunt.exe” to start playing.

0.2 Build Changelog:
Brief description of the update. In total, more than ten new scenes have been added or redone. The mechanics of dialogue, camera and interaction with objects have been reworked. Two new locations have been added.
– Reworked location navigation. Now you don’t have to walk your character to some object to interact with it. Everything is controlled with the mouse, you click on an object to interact. The camera is also controlled using the mouse (click and drag logic).
– Added a room on the ship. There are animations for sleeping and taking a shower. Later I will add random erotic scenes to both acts. You can get there from the laboratory.
– Added that Merchant space station. There are four new scenes and two new dialogues including dialogue with a new character.
– Reworked the dialogue system. Now it’s more like dialogue from a visual novel, my dialogue writing still sucks) but from a game mechanics point of view it works better now. Removed old ai voices. I found a good AI voiceover service that is much better than the previous one, so over time I will also add voiceovers to the characters. I plan to add facial emotions and gestures to the characters as soon as I figure out how to implement it.
– Rerendered the introductory video and remade the scenes with scientists. I’m still not happy with a lot of the scenes, but considering that the quality of the animations is improving all the time, I’ll probably have to stop redoing the old scenes because they’re keeping me stuck in place instead of making new content.
– Added a special event with parasites on the ship. You can activate it in the room after you sleep once. A red notification will appear on the wall on the side and clicking on it will start a scene.
– Added two new scenes with Monlin. And two scenes with Werfal, one of which is a scene in the shower, temporarily it is in the research gallery, later in other updates it will be activated randomly from the shower.
– About bugs known to me that have not yet been fixed. If you randomly click the mouse while a video or dialogue is playing, you can click on objects that are located behind the video or move the camera. In some cases I fixed this, but not everywhere. Also, the game engine is not designed for larger games, and although my game is still relatively small, the engine is already causing me huge problems during development. There is a possibility that the loading may freeze when you starting the game, might help. If this happens, restart the game.
– Small tip. In space battles and battles on planets, if you press the “Home” button on the keyboard, “Press Save to Win” will appear. I did this so that when testing game I didn’t have to go through this levels for a thousand times, but those who have already played the game don’t have to suffer either)

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

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