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The Fixer – Version [Sam_Tail]

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Info: The Fixer is an adult life sim lite visual novel. You take the role of the protagonist, Samantha who is a Fixer. In order to solve her employer’s problems she has to face different challenges such as investigating industrial sabotage, diplomacy between factions and tracking down troublemakers. But she needs somehow to carry on with her everyday life while dealing with her missions.
After playing through one of the origin stories, Samantha finds herself in Blaston, having been rescued by the cities main power base and in return she agrees to work for them as a “Fixer” who solves potentially sensitive problems using tact, diplomacy or underhanded means. Will she manage to make a difference to the town and its power brokers or will she fall into the pit of depravity and despair along with the majority of residents in Blaston?​

Date: 22.07.2024
Language: English
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Changelog from v0.3.3.1 to v0.3.3.02
Fixed Simon crashing
Made it so you can gift Cass or Mira individually when they are together so it’s possible to give spray or poison.
Fixed being able to speak to Kitty without having met her before
Fixed issue with the alarm clock
Fixed issue where some character names were crashing
Fixed some issues where the wrong character is speaking
Fixed reported typos and text errors
Changelog from v0.3.3.0 to v0.3.3.01
Fixed meeting some characters repeatedly for the first time
Fixed an issue with blowjob when there are many men
Changelog from v0.3.2.46 to v0.3.3.0
Added in the “Find Mira” questline where you join forces with Cass to find out what happened to Mira. This questline is quite involved and has many branches. It will trigger during Autumn through Cass
Added the “Street walking” quest which allows Sammy to hang out and advertise her services
Updated the truck stop district with updated BGs, new motel area and slum area.
Added whores to the highway, including the haven whore who is now named “Kitty”
Added other characters to the truck stop district including Haven’s Viktor who sells booze and other goods.
Updated artwork for Mira, Cass and Kitty
Added new characters who play a role in the “Find Mira” quest. P.C.Paige at Security and shop assistant in the Funwear shop
Added an entry to NPCs so they can have whore names. Cass is Gingersnap and Mira is Perra
Added 2 new CGs for when Sammy is whoring
Added new perk “free use” where Sammy will never reject offers of sex or ever accept money for it (available only to slut, sucu, broken or bimbo characters who have unlocked the whore quest). It is a player activated perk and can be turned on/off at will
Added large new sex scenes while streetwalking along with many new CGs
Added a variety of scenes with new CGs to the pink room including train scenes, multiple penetration, gangbangs, tied up and more
Added if Mira is gifted pepper spray at the highway, her entire storyline is prevented and doesn’t trigger.
If “Find Mira” is failed, Cass can become broken with new art. She eventually goes missing and is listed in the diary as dead.
Added in a large amount of Cass general dialogue. It assumes you start talking to her at the start of the same so loading old saves will have things out of sequence
Added music to the game
Added lots of new clothing items
Moved some items from the wardrobe and into inventory such as ballgags
Added new fetish items, lockable ball gag, blindfold and bdsm straps for use in the pink room
Added maternity band item
Rooms can be rented from the motel. There are blue rooms and pink rooms. Functionality to pink rooms to be added soon (blue are normal rooms, pink are whore rooms)
Speaking to the motel receptionist will unlock the motel cleaning job. A much more dangerous version of normal cleaning but can be worked 24/7
Motel receptionist has a small shop offering some energy and sex related items. She also sells the maid outfit. Prices are inflated at +50% of original cost
Added 2 new CGs for Sammy advertising herself from a pink room window
Added in a walkable path between the junkyard abandoned trainyard and the slums. This is the first of many planned routes to different districts so you don’t need to use the bus. You need to have visited the arrival and destination location to be able to discover. Is discovered while scavving.
Updated character art for Police Chief Campbell, Police Chief Miller and generic police officers
Added icons to the location buttons that show you who is in that location
Updated loiter/hang around events so that if an NPC is around, Sammy might go and talk to that NPC
Made it so if you have the bimbo perk, Sammy speaks a bit more like a bimbo. The more drunk you get, the more slurred Sammy’s speech will get
Added new penetration, cum and orgasm cutin images
Made it so that if you encounter a troublesome customer while whoring, an NPC whore in the same district has a high chance of coming to Sammy’s rescue. The more whores around, the higher the chance
Added in new mood effects. The world will seem a lot brighter and “happier” if Sammy has high mood. It will seem greyer and depressing is she is in a bad mood
Added minor drunk blur effect
Added new perk “Despondent” which can only be gained by dropping below 0 mood. It auto accepts any sex or whore offer. Accepts any offer of drugs, beer or anything else that might boost Sammys mood. With this perk, Sammy will never fight back and fails most other checks
Made it so if you have the right (or wrong) perks, your mood can drop below 0. This will give Sammy a new perk which will make gaining mood easier, but also make Sammy do almost anything to boost her mood
Added a new icon to the top ribbon which shows Sammy’s cycle and how many days left. If she is pregnant then it will instead show how many days left until she gives birth
It’s possible to gift Cass some poison if she is being bullied and she will poison the bullies
Removed ability for Sammy to poison the bullies if Cass is the target
Updated much of the Photography storyline and extended it a bit
Added new CG for the photography quest.Updated dance/photography dance pose to take into account customisation options
Added quest “Promotional material”. This is the intro to the photography questline
Added collectable polaroids which you can sell for Felix. This feature is incomplete
Added 3 new CGs for the volleyball photography
Added the first story chain to the photography questline where you and Felix work to make a new magazine
Felix can sell Sammy a polaroid camera with blank polaroids
After completing “Starting the magazine”, you can now find Felix’s magazine in the needle girls and funwear shops
Added 4 new CGs to the dance troupe
Update the dance troupe storylines to make use of the new CGs. It now randomly picks from 7 avaiable images
Added and updated backgrounds for the school now showing Cass, Mira and random NPCs in the cafeteria, classroom and school exterior
Rachel and Svet now hang out at the school gym even when not dancing
If the gloryhole has been made, Rachel will hang out in the toilets and sometimes occupy the gloryhole stall
New BG characters added to the toilets including Rachel
Characters added to the cafeteria. Rachel, Svet, Dani, Anabel and soccer boys
Adjusted Robins schedule so she has lunch and will be in the cafeteria
Added a new quest “A place to be alone” where Rachel asks you to show her how to get inside the academy at night
Added new bg art for Rachel while she is hanging out at night in the gym
Added new events for Rachel in the gym at night where you eventually catch her naked
Added Private investigators office to revel backstreets with a backroom where Sammy can wash, change and sleep.
Added intro chain where you meet Simon in his office
Updated pub BG with people in the background. If named NPCs are there (Trixie, Dani, Robin, Bob or Simon) they will show in the BG
Made it so your shift in the pub ends close to 3am. Usually each work shift is 4 cycles but if it reaches 3am it will end prematurely
Made it so on weekends, Oskar comes and visits Robin in her room is she has agreed to pay rent through sex
Added dialogue chain with Robin once Sammy sees her having sex with Oskar
Added Dani to the residential area courtyard with unique dialogue chain if you speak to her while there
Added talk chains with Dani where she asks about working in the pub. Some mini events trigger her to ask
Added chain where Dani tells you she got the job at the pub. This only tiggers if she has asked for the job but not actually started yet. (3 days between asking and starting)
Mini events added when you start work if Dani has asked for a job, Trixie asks about her and meeting Dani for the first time while she is working there
Updated Dani side sprite artwork
Added 3 Dani CGs and 4 Trixie CGs while working the pub
Added a collection of mini events while working in the pub where you see what Dani and Trixie are getting up to
Added a quest entry for Robin when she asks you to buy her slutty clothes
Made it so you can buy Robins slutty clothes at the Funwear shop and from the needle girls in the academy in addition to the market
Made it so that if you have discovered Robin enjoys watching or hearing stories, she will rarely turn up to the pub to watch Sammy work
On rare occasions, if Robin went to the pub, she will end up in the motel with someone and not come home until really late
If Robin is still at the pub when you finish your work, she will offer to go home with you
Greatly increases the chances of naughty bus events triggering if you travel with Robin and know she is a bus deviant
A few days after offering Oskar sex for rent, Robin will approach Sammy telling her she got a similar offer.
Robin will start having sex with Oskar for rent in the mornings once she has spoken to Sammy about it (No event yet, just BG art showing it)
Changed Oskars office hours from 9-3 to 8-6 so you can easier meet with him before and after going to the academy
Added in sex scenes with the lake dealer. He will give a discount based on the sex act
Made it so that if you do a sex act with the lake dealer, and dont buy anything. He teases you about it but unlocks the ability to ask for sex from him
Freeuse Sammy will reject the discount from Lake dealer but still have sex
Sammy no longer gets kicked from the dance troupe is pregnant
Added in a scene where if sucubus sammy is too tired, she will go off and find people to have sex with
Blocked succubus from sleeping
Added in scenes where if you are free use and too horny, you will tie yourself up no matter the location. Requires over 1500 desire for any chance to trigger
Made it so being punched loses tired and if you have been punched enough and have low tired, it can trigger sammy being knocked out with various events happening
Fixed up some prologue branches and added a few new minor ones where Sammy can get the slutty dress.
Heavily simplified the speech and int check equation. It now mostly factors in its base stat with only little debuffs based on being drunk
Added so that when Sammy had really low hygiene, her clothes start to go see through and stick to her
Added a new item “tissue” which can be used to clean any visible cum. It can be bought from most shops and found scavving
Fixed being able to rename NPCs
Fixed sound issue in the menu
Fixed a bunch of typos and text errors
Fixed some issues relating to the new whore sex scenes
Added more variety to the generic NPC skin tones
Updated the fight checker, now if you have the broken perk or low confidence, you will be too afraid to fight back. If you have the succubus perk or the broken virgin perk you can choose not to resist
Added in a checker when dressing up to make sure you actually have the items of clothing. Only really affects jobs so you can’t wear things you don’t own
Fixed where if you try to clean the pub without having worked there before, you would be naked.
Made it so that the wardrobe defaults to the outfit section if you are wearing an outfit. Otherwise it defaults to tops
Made light fluid a guaranteed drop in the lounge if scavving while its empty
Adjusted the rate of finding a stall to buy something from in the market. Previously it was 1 in 3, now it’s 2 in 3
Fixed shops not restocking

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

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