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Under Control – Version 0.1.18 [Slusiom]

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Info: Under Control is a visual novel that is in a very early stage of development, you will start controlling the life of a young man who wants to break with everything and start a new life.
You can explore and manage your time as you wish, as well as improve your skills that can help you make decisions that will change the course of the story. But not everything is what it seems. You will discover a dark secret that will change everything.​

Date: 01.12.2023
Language: English, French, Spanish
Version: 0.1.18a
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

New Additions:
Completion of Veronica’s Third Night Event: First part of the event fully developed.
Lip Sync Animation System (English Only): Introduced a new feature for character animation.
New Animations:
Tamara Event 1.
Hanna Event 1.
Cynthia Event 1.
Jazzmin’s Shower Event: Featuring two different versions displayed randomly.
Inventory Interface: Added a new interface to view the character’s inventory.
New Inventory Items:
Cynthia’s Keys.
VIP Card for TRT.
New Event in Cynthia’s Workshop: New storyline development.
New Missions with Cynthia: Available for players to engage with.
Dynamic Interactions with Cynthia: Based on the outcome of her missions.
Tamara’s Hot Tub Event: A new interactive experience.
Notification Function: Receive messages from other characters triggering related events.
Main Menu Background Animations: Enhanced and diversified.
Animation Speed Control: Added functionality to speed up or slow down animations.
New Area in Cynthia’s Workshop: Expanding the playable space.
Daytime Access to Cynthia’s House: No longer limited to night visits.
New Status Panel Events:
TRT Event with new character Gabriela.
Pinger Event with Herd.
New Support Button in Main Menu: Option to support via Subscribestar alongside Patreon.
Event Launch Errors: Fixed issues in Henry2 and Jennifer1 events.
Jeanne’s Events (1 & 3): Addressed existing bugs.
Conversation Panel Font Size: Improved functionality to maintain consistent font size.
Mission Guide and Wiki: Corrected errors for Herd’s event and Hanna 2.
Save System Tweaks: Minor fixes applied for better stability.
Event Bugs: Resolved issues in Jeanne 1 and Hanna 1 events.
Writing Speed Configuration: Fixed an issue preventing saving of this setting.
Workshop and Cynthia’s House Redesign: Aesthetic and functional enhancements.
Save File Management: Revised for better compatibility with previous game versions.
Conversation Code Overhaul: May lead to new animation errors due to deep coding changes.
Interface Adjustments: Tweaks made in various windows for a smoother experience.
STATUS Panel Image Quality: Upgraded the size and quality for character event images.
LSCards Betting Limit: Increased to allow higher stakes.
Updated Logos (Patreon and Twitter)
Text and Interface Corrections: Minor improvements for clarity and usability.
Acknowledgements Update: Refreshed to reflect current contributions.
Jazzmin’s Events Postponed: Due to a significant bug affecting roommate management, all events related to Jazzmin are temporarily on hold.
Animation Speed Feature Bug: New issue discovered causing frame skips in some animations; currently unresolved.
Lip Sync Animation Issue on Android Devices: Animations based on vertical synchronization are proving to be too demanding for some Android devices. Efforts are underway to optimize these files. However, users may currently experience some synchronization errors.

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

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