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Wife Trainer – Version 0.7q [Wife Trainer]

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You play a male character with one of three traits:
• Playboy
• Hypnotist
• Naturally Dominant

Your business is to work with women to help them change. Success with clients increases your reputation, providing you the opportunity to work with additional clients. Continuing actions may also be available with former clients, depending on your level of success when training them.
The characters and game play are intended to be as realistic as games of this sort can be. There are some elements of mind control, transformation, and magic, but you can ignore or emphasize these elements to suit your preferences.
The game is “sandbox” style. There is no overarching storyline. A game end finale is planned once reputation reaches level 5, but like most of the game, it is optional. Play. Explore. Do what interests you. Ignore what doesn’t.

Date: 2023
Language: English
Version: 0.7q
Censored: No

This new release absolutely requires a new save. Please do not use your old saves.

• all bugs reported for 0.7p, I believe
• additional content for Dee (Donna’s daughter) (540 new images, approx.. 6,500 new lines of code)
• additional post-training and continuing content for Donna (1,895 new images, approx.. 13,000 new lines of code)
• Elsa and Chelsea mutual scenes (4 event scenes if they are both bi-sexual and your girlfriend; 3 event scenes if Elsa is bi-sexual and a Domme and Chelsea is your slavegirl; a recurring scene you can trigger if they are both your slavegirls; 192 new images)
• visiting Donna’s husband after she’s a cum slut no longer brings her training to an end
• Donna’s training has been revamped in a few places to improve consistency
Artwork related:
• some Cassandra artwork upgraded and some art added, extending existing scenes (17 new images)
• some Chelsea artwork upgraded
• some Lauren artwork upgraded
• all of Dee’s artwork upgraded and expanded
• all of Donna’s artwork upgraded and expanded
Modding and core system related:
• Dee’s content re-structured to make it easier to add new content for her, including she now has her own script separate from Donna’s

Creator of this game:

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