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Workplace Fantasy – Version 1.2.05 [HappyCreator]

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Info: The main stage of “Workplace Fantasy” is a fictional seaside town, which tells the story of a newly graduated intern who works, lives, and communicates, interacts, and “delves into” various residents of the town.​

Date: 23.01.2024
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese
Version: 1.2.05
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

1. Update the plot of the female ghost story;
2. Add a shortcut to adjust the time at any time (after completing the female ghost plot);
1. Increase the size chart switching function when Get frisky;
2. Add new items, Mr. Qian’s LV bag, which can be picked up to earn more money;
3. Increase the number of goldfish, and fishing on rainy days can earn more valuable goldfish;
4. Modify automatic archiving rules to avoid frequent archiving affecting performance;
5. Adjust some language, tasks, display, and operation issues to optimize the gaming experience;
6. Separate the handbook from the backpack and place the entrance separately on the homepage;
1. Fix the bug where vertical painting cannot collect complete data;
2. Fix the issue of missing keys for 202 and 203;
3. Optimize some English translation content;
1 Complete the plot of the three sisters
2 Optimize several plot animation effects
1 Add a Christmas gift package, give away some powerful earning items, and triple your work income.
2 Remove the limit of giving gifts only once a day.
3 Fix some minor bugs.
1 Add the story of three sisters
2. Add complete plot content to the memory of the plot
3. Add the function of viewing vertical paintings in the album
4. Increase the content of memories invited in the memory
5. Add 50 new layers of cave excavation
6. Add 5 new functional treasures

Creator of this game: Steampowered.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

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