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The Chant of Dead – Version 1.9.1 [FariseoStudio]

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The game follows the story of the innocent and virgin daughter of a noble family, who has to escape from her fief to save her life. Her mission is to warn the queen of the arrival of a new evil, the army of walkers (living dead) who raze everything in their path. Over the course of history you will have many possibilities. Follow the main mission, help the opposing kingdoms in their fight for power or against the walkers, or forget your mission and try to find the best way to live in this dark world.​

Date: 20.12.2023
Language: English
Version: 1.9.1 Patreon
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– Added: 38 new pics.
– Added: 9 new scenes.
– Added: New scenes between Mercedes and our protagonist.
– Added: New scenes in the tavern (kingdom of the mountains Mercedes gang..).
– Added New scenes in Tritos’ inn (Kingdom of the mountains as long as you chose to send Mercedes to Tritos’ inn).
– Added: New short scene at Karin’s inn (if you choose to send Mercedes to Karin’s inn).
– Added: New scene between the protagonist and the guard of the caravan (mountain kingdom: trip to the great capital).
– Corrected dialogs in Anerland village (some dialogs simply didn’t work correctly for the game and character’s story).
– Reworking all dialogues in the game (Several of the dialogues with the Npjs didn’t feel right for the game or there were typos.).
– Updated: the quest book.
– Fixed: Problem in the fight to defend the caravan (in some cases the main character was trapped by the bodies of the thieves without being able to move: now these bodies are passable, thus avoiding the problem).
– Correction in the pet rescue mission (anerland village: the character was stuck after searching for the last animal, the horse. Unable to return to the village).
– Added new images for the main character and Pnjs (Better quality graphics and design. Just didn’t feel or look right some of the main character’s graphics).
– Fixed some minor bugs.
Tip: We have implemented the option to enable and disable the visual effects, to avoid lag on some computers, to do this you have to enable or disable this option from the game menu.
Tip: If you have problems playing some videos in the game, remember that by clicking the space bar, you can skip the video.

Creator of this game: Patreon.com

Download for Windows/ Linux

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